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Sprinkle 1/2-inch Rotary S-26 di TokoRafif

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Bahan : Plastik
Ukuran drat luar : ½” -inch Drat Luar
Jangkauan Siram : 10 - 12 m
Tekanan Kerja yang di sarankan : 1.5 - 3.5 Bar
Derajat Siram : 360º
Debit Siram : 2.8 s/d 24 liter / menit
Aplikasi yang di sarankan : Sayuran, rumput, taman, bunga & tanaman rendah

The sprinkler VYR-26 is a low flow sprayer specially designed to operate at different angles and under extreme temperature conditions. This is a  male rotor 1/2" circular farm, made ​​of plastic and has two references. Its axis and springsare made of stainless steel,  and  O-rings  and washers in stainless steel, Teflon and special polycarbonate to withstandcontact with fertilizers more aggressive in the market.

The wide range of plastic nozzles with different colors for easy differentiation,  offer a number of possible combinations. This sprinkler  is designed to work under flow ranges  between 0,4 - 5,5 GPM (168  and 1450 L/H), at pressures  between 1 and  3.5 bar,  with a  coverage range between 66-80 ft. (21-24 m.) of diameter.  The sprinkler VYR-26 can work with one or two nozzles;  The main nozzle has 26° inclination to the horizontal plane  and the secondary  8º.  His average rotation time comes to be approximately 40  sec./rot.  (30 PSI / 2 BAR, 4.40 x2,40mm).

For optimum  uniformity  coefficient, our technicians recommend  using this  with a spacing between sprinkler  heads  and laterals of  33x33 ft. (10x10 m.)  in rectangular frames, or 40x40 ft.  (12x12m.)  in  triangular  frames.

The most common use is for grains such as  wheat, barley or corn, alfalfa, beets,  leafy robust, legumes  and tubers.


Bahan Plastik
Tipe S-26
Ukuran 1/2-inch Drat Luar
Jangkauan 10-12 meter
Tekanan 1.5 - 3.5 Bar
Debit 2.8 s/d 24 liter / menit, Derajat Siram : 360º
Aplikasi Sayuran, rumput, taman, bunga & tanaman rendah
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