TDS Meter Dual Inline Monitor-DM-2 HM Digital

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HM Digital
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DM-2: Commercial In-Line Dual TDS Monitor

The DM-2 is a commercial grade monitor measuring TDS feed (input) water vs. product (output) water of a water filtration system at any time. With its shielded cables and diagnostic messaging this robust device is ideal for Reverse Osmosis (RO), Deionized water (DI) filtration systems that work well in applications such as drinking or potable water, Water treatment, Aquariums, Hydroponics and many more.


Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology

Displays TDS levels of the Feed Water and Product Water with in & out electrode probes

Auto-Off function conserves battery power (Shuts off automatically after 3 minutes)

Factory Calibrated: our meters are calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. The DM-2 features digital calibration.

Diagnostic error messaging

Shielded sensor cables

Comes equipped with 1/4 inch Mur-lok? Quick-Connect T-fittings (Also available with 3/8? or 1/2? fittings)


Range: 0-9990 ppm Dual Range ? Measures from 0-999 ppm, with a resolution of 1 ppm. From 1000 to 9990 ppm, the resolution is in 10 ppm increments, indicated by a blinking ?x10? image.

Accuracy: ?2%

Conversion Factor: NaCl (avg. 0.5)

Cable Length: 46? (including sensor), shielded cables

Sensor: Dual, 1/4? diameter for quick-connect fittings (model SP-3, included)

Digital Calibration: Digitally factory calibrated to NaCl 342 ppm. Re-calibration can be done separately for each line.

Power source: 2 x AA batteries (included)

Battery life: Approx. 2 years

Size: 11.6 x 6.8 x1.8 cm (4.6 x 2.6 x .7in.)

Weight: 201.3 g (7.1 oz.)


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