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A little purchase before a big one. From everything that I have read, this is a good product. That said, I wanted to judge for myself how strong and how well it works so I ordered a sample. One of my big concerns was whether it could handle a snow load without deflecting or at least much. The ridges give it incredible strength. It will flex but the gutters will come off of...

Chris Brown (23/06/2014)


Wasn't sure which size I would need so ordered one 5" and one 7" to make sure before ordering the 25ft kit. For the price, it is worth spending a few dollars to know for sure what is required. Also, gave me a real idea of the construction of the sections and how to install before hand.

Mirchen (23/06/2014)


Produk Diskon

Drip Putar

Drip Putar

Rp1.500 Rp1.000

Nepel Endline Driptape 16mm

Nepel Endline Driptape 16mm

Rp6.000 Rp5.000

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